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Wed, Oct. 27th, 2010, 12:17 am
Wow. Long time huh?

I know. I'm bad.

My dad is doing well. Although he fell into a FIRE after recovering from the kidney failure, and then needed SKIN GRAFTS, they finally made it back to Las Vegas about a week ago. They're coming here to Palm Springs to see us over the weekend.

Our friend Bill who was the witness at our wedding is coming this Thursday to stay with us for 3 weeks. We're very excited, but not as excited as he is. I'm sure he's been packed for 2 weeks.

We're going to have a fun party at our house on Saturday. It will be a combination Halloween/2-year legal wedding anniversary/1-year close on the house anniversary party. We hope for about 25 people here. Since my parents are going to be here, I don't think we'll be as clothing-optional as usual.

We just bought a cool modern-ish kitchen/dining room table from Design Within Reach. We feel so grown up.

We bought the table ignoring the slight financial strain we're in. I try not to think about it. When I finish this online class I'm taking this fall, and the 2 I will take in the spring, I will get a $7500 raise for next year. And only 11 years until I start getting my $4500 per month IL pension...

John getting a job would help. He did play a party a few weeks ago (on piano). If he could do more of those, or play once a week somewhere, that would be great.

Overall, life is good. I just had my 2-year evaluation team meeting today. They love me. My student evaluations were incredible, much better than I could have ever hoped for. The dean joked about how much I must have paid them to write the comments they wrote. He even said they never get as many written comments as they do on my evals. I feel very very lucky to have a job where I love what I do and I seem so able to reach my students.

Sorry I haven't posted more. Promises to do so aren't worth much, but I'll try!

Wed, Oct. 27th, 2010 12:25 pm (UTC)

In general, so much good news!! I'm glad you're here to share it with us. What does John do for a living? Is he a full time musician? If so, has he looked into church and chorus jobs or perhaps work at the Palm Springs Follies and other theaters in the area?

Congratulations on all of the anniversaries!


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